State Police and Poste Italiane have signed an important agreement that provides for “developing a plan for interventions for the prevention and counterfeiting of computer attacks directed at the technological infrastructures and telematics home banking services of the company”.

The convention, signed by the Chief of Police Alessandro Pansa and the Managing Director of Poste Italiane Francesco Caio, has the goal of “shared adoption of intervention procedures and exchange of information useful for the prevention and counterattack of terrorist array attacks and criminal “.

To carry out this activity for the State Police will be the National Computer Anti-Crime Center for the Protection of Critical Infrastructure (Cnipic) of the Postal Police and Communications.

The agreement, which lasts for three years, has been concluded in implementation of the Decree of the Minister of the Interior of 9 January 2008, which identified critical computer infrastructures of national interest, ie systems and computer or telematic services, run by public entities or private companies, which govern the niche sectors for the operation of the country.

In this respect, it continues to strengthen the control and protection systems of that “virtual territory”, which is the internet, and that, just as in the real world, it has become a place where private and public companies invest large resources , also financially, to develop and offer indispensable services to the country based on such complex and vulnerable mechanisms as it is, for this very reason, to ensure high levels of security.

At the signing of the cartel, the Prefect Roberto Sgalla, head of the Police Department for Traffic, Railways, Communications and Special Police Departments, and Antonio Apruzzese, were also present at the Department of Public Security, Director of the Postal and Communications Police Service: for Poste Italiane, in addition to the engineer Caio, the lawyer Stefano Grassi, head of the Corporate.

“Today we are expanding the range of institutional synergies for the protection of critical computer infrastructures, the backbone of the country system – emphasized the prefect Pansa – particularly with Italian postal operators renewed in the field of protection and counterattack of computer attacks a model of partnership which has ensured and supported the growth of a public private partnership model, recognized and appreciated in the international law enforcement landscape. ”

“Security, not just people but also sensitive data – explained the post of Poste Italiane, Francesco Caio – has long been considered a priority for our business. High protection of digital and financial services can not be avoided by collaborating with the state police to ensure the prevention and the fight against cybercrime. The signing of the convention further strengthens the profitable cooperation that has been operating for years, which has already brought about a tangible increase in the levels of security of the services offered to our customers. ”
(Fonte: AGI)

From the State Police site