What’s happened?

For some days, Australian and English users are reporting that their Apple devices suddenly become unusable and that an English message appears on the screen with a request for “redemption” of this kind:

“Your device has been hacked by” Oleg Pliss, “if you want to resume the check send $ 100 via PayPal to…”

The request for redemption is also sent via an e-mail apparently shipped by the service ““Find my iPhone/iPad/Mac“.

Why is important to know?

Unfortunately, the available information is scarce, but the news, initially reported only by newspapers, was confirmed by an authoritative site managed by the Australian Government (StaySmartOnline).

How to behave?

Currently Apple support has not yet provided official guidance on how to address this issue, although so far there are no similar cases reported by Italian users.

The scarcity of information does not give you precise instructions on how to behave, but here are some useful advice:

  • Do not pay redemption: In addition to feeding this criminal mechanism, you will not have any certainty that your device will actually be unlocked;
  • If you do not have a particular experience, contact Apple Support Centers;
  • If you are able to do so, change the password for your Apple ID because it is necessary to start the recovery procedures of your locked device.
  • If you find that your Apple ID password has been changed by the hacker, you can recover the device using one of Apple’s recommended methods, but be careful not to have previously provided a full backup of data and applications because the device will come completely reset.
  • Enable double-factor authentication (“Two-Step Verification“) for your Apple ID. This mechanism reduces the risk of someone accessing your account without authorization.

There are specific risks for Poste Italiane App?

Depending on what users are affected by the problem, it may be assumed that they originate from compromising their account on the iCloud platform – using the Apple ID and the associated password, you can access iCloud and enable “Smile Mode” by realizing the effect described.

This is an unconfirmed hypothesis, but it allows you to exclude Malicious app involvement or device vulnerability; so you can continue to use the App of Poste Italiane Office without any problems.

In the event of blocking the device, we remind you that you can always use the online services of Poste Italiane through the sites www.poste.it and www.postepay.it.