Poste Italiane’s CERT was established in 2013, right after the publication of “Cybersecurity Strategy of the European Union”, a project to implement strategies and actions to promote and diffuse the idea and the principles of “cyber-resilience”. Since then it has become a constantly evolving reality for risk prevention and the fight against Cyber Crime.

ISO 27001:2013 certified by BSI, and Enisa, FIRST and Trusted Introducer accredited, Poste Italiane’s CERT is made up of professionals, experts and technicians of the highest profile, able to manage more than 1000 reports a month, numerous activities of analysis and testing, as well as continuous training and awareness initiatives.

The latter focus where it is most necessary for users, so that they have an adequate understanding of security practices and become active actors in the processes of protecting corporate information, to respond to the continuing need for resilience.

The various initiatives are aimed at identifying the most effective medium to communicate what is considered important and they range from the sharing of documents to tests to measure the level of awareness of users, to meetings, conferences and refresher trainings.