What’s happened?

In the early days of April, a group of computer security experts revealed the existence of a bug (a programming error) that can make navigating on secure Internet sites insecure, even on those we use to manage our money or to Shopping.

This bug called “Heartbleed” is not necessarily present in all the secure sites we visit, because it is related to a particular technology called “OpenSSL” that not all use, despite being very widespread in the world because free and held generally reliable.

Effective actions have already been identified to make the communications that make use of OpenSSL more secure and the detailed technical information is having a wide spread all over the world.

Why is important to know?

Some of our customers ask us whether due to the bug you need to change your password to access our sites (eg poste.it, bancopostaonline.poste.it, bancopostaclick.it, postepay.it).

How to behave?

The analyses carried out by CERT and our operational centers for safety have confirmed that you can browse all the sites of the Poste Italiane group without taking any risks.

There is therefore no need to replace your login passwords.