The Seven “Golden Rules”


ENISA,the European Network and Information Security Agency, has recently prepared an information campaign on Cyber Security for the children of Heraklion (Greece). This initiative has resulted in a series of posters available to all European citizens with the “7 Golden Rules” for children to surf the Internet safely.

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ITU Guidelines


The guidelines are intended to help adults and children make the Internet a better and safer place for younger generations. The guidelines provide guidance on possible on-line malicious activities, such as cyberbullying and harassment, identity theft and online abuses. The guidelines also include advices to prevent children from seeing and experiencing harmful and illegal content online, or teenagers from being exploited for sexual purposes for the production, distribution, and collection of child pornography material.
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Information Security Memorandum

The posters aim at guiding parents through sharing the Internet experience with their kids.

ENISA believes that it is essential for parents to have the cultural and technological skills to prevent or neutralise web-related risks.

“Parents should always be informed and be in the condition to intervene whenever necessary. They must participate in their kids’ activities online and guide them through the necessary precautions and monitor them to ensure it is a positive experience”