I have provided my details to third parties, now what?
Change your password as soon as possible and inform Poste Italiane immediately by calling the free phone number 803.160(*) (follow the instructions and select the Internet Services option).
(*) free of charge for those calling from landlines; those who call the Poste Italiane customer service from mobile phones must dial 199.100.160. The cost of the call depends on your provider and is equal to maximum EUR 0.60 per minute plus EUR 0.15 connection charge.
How can I purchase off the Internet safely?
It’s important to make your computer safe: See “Surf the Internet safely / Frauds: solutions”.
How can I make secure online transactions?

Reliable and secure transactions require following a few simple rules:

  • keep your username, password, and device code carefully
  • Do not disclose your access codes to anyone
  • Do not enter your personal codes in websites you reach by clicking on a link in an email
  • Do not reply to messages if you have any doubt on their authenticity
  • Visit websites by entering its address in the address bar
  • Change your password periodically
  • Only install software you receive from reliable sources. Poste Italiane will never ask for your personal codes, credit card or Postepay card details, via e-mail, post or telephone. Therefore, do not reply to e-mails, letters or phone calls that ask for personal details. In the event of such requests, please inform Poste Italiane immediately by calling the free phone number 803.160 (*)
How can I tell if a website is fake?
When you enter confidential information in a web page, make sure that the page is protected. Protected pages can be recognised by the address in the address bar that starts with  “https://” and not “http://”. Moreover, a padlock is displayed next to the address. Click twice on the padlock to verify the existence of a “certificate” that ensures the authenticity of the website. It is important to check to whom (and by whom) the certificate was issued.”

For Poste Italiane

Area Privati: as for Conto BancoPosta online, the certificate must be issued to bancopostaonline.poste.it by Postecom CS2. For other online services, it is issued to www.poste.it da Postecert Certificati Server .

Area Imprese: as for Conto BancoPostaImpresa, the certificate must be issued to bancopostaimpresaonline.poste.it by Postecert Certificati Server. For other online services, it is issued to registrazioneimprese.poste.it da Postecom CS2.

I am receiving e-mails that have nothing to do with me. Is it normal?
No, it’s spam. You can protect yourself from spam or at least reduce it. See “Surf the Internet safely / Frauds: solutions”.

What's the difference between phishing and spam?
Spam is the term for mass mailing of unsolicited and unauthorized e-mails.
Phishing is a technique that makes use of spam to induce recipients to provide personal information. These e-mails prompt the victim to click on a link and to enter their access codes, credit card details or other details in a bogus website for fraudulent purposes.