What to do befor you start sufing the internet?

Some basic rules

  • Get an antivirus
  • Get an antispyware
  • Get a firewall
  • Ensure that the operating system, security software, and programs used to access the Internet are always up-to-date

Beware of e-mails

Do not open e-mails from unknown senders, even if the subject seems interesting, serious or important. Do not provide your personal details (username, passwords, codes, etc.) via e-mail.

Ask yourself these simple questions?:

  • Is the e-mail written in my language?
  • Do I know the sender?
  • Is the attachment expected?
  • Is the message legible and consistent?
  • Is it addressed personally to you?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, be careful.

Surf with caution

  • Memorise your access codes. Do not store them in any files.
  • If you use home banking or make online transactions, carefully check how the address of the website is spelled.
  • If you have to disclose confidential information, such as access codes or credit card details, make sure to be in an SSL security area.