What’s happened?

I would like to point out that today’s fraudulent e-mail is again circulating in the EQUITALIA brand and logo, referring to Poste Italiane in the text.

The mails apparently sent by servizio_clienti@poste.it refer to presumptive collections and invite them to click on a malevolent link: CERT verifications confirm that this is a case of “phishing” with the deception of personal data of the victim!.

As is well known, phishing is an illicit activity by which a subject manages to gain credentials of a user and then uses them to commit computer fraud consistently, in fraudulent access to bank / postal bank accounts or confidential information , pretending the legitimate owner (digital identity theft). The central knot of this offense is the mistaken induction of the offended person, with artifacts or scams (ex Article 640 cp, “Scam”).

There is also a case of ‘spamming’, consisting in the submission of unsolicited / undesired communications, in violation of the provisions of Legislative Decree 196/03 (‘Personal Data Protection Code’ or ‘Privacy Code’ »), With automated systems (eg e.mail, fax, sms, mms).

These are, therefore, crimes penalized by our Criminal Code.
Poste Italiane wants to reassure its customers that they have taken all the actions necessary to counteract third-party illegal activities / conduct, protect their “digital identity”, protect users from the illicit data they are / can be victims of (eg phishing , computer fraud, theft of digital identity).

How to behave?

In order to avoid any risk, we suggest that anyone who receives this type of message can take simple steps, such as:

  • Do not connect to the site indicated in the text of the e-mail message;
  • Do not fill in and / or download any attached documents in your e-mail;
  • If you are connected by mistake, do not provide any kind of credentials and / or personal data, do not authenticate;
  • report further suspected emails to the CERT@posteitaliane.it mailbox;
  • Wait for similar requests, which are not reliable.