What’s happened?

We want to point to a phishing issue that many of you have asked us for information: you can receive emails in which you are talking about a programmed software update needed to improve the quality of banking services. Messages appear to be sent by Poste Italiane and are more or less of this kind:

“The Poste Italiane Technical Service is carrying out a programmed software update to improve the quality of banking services. We ask you to initiate the procedure for confirming Customer data. We attach the necessary documentation to confirm your account details. On the Poste Italiane site you will find detailed instructions on how to do it.
hxxps: //www.indirizzo.del.sito.it
TELEPHONE: free number 803,190 (Monday to Saturday from 8am to 8pm).
© Poste Italiane”

Our CERT verifications confirm that the URL indicated in the email, sends the visitor to fraud-controlled internet sites, sites through which they can “capture” the credentials needed to access your current accounts.

Phishing is a well-structured scam, which uses techniques known as “social engineering” to make credible claims seem credible.

This is a well-known offense and in Poste Italiane we have been organizing for some time for the prevention and contraction of these illegal activities, which enable us to disable the sites predisposed by the fraudsters in a timely manner and at the same time to block suspicious transactions on accounts, if a customer access credentials are extracted.

How to behave?

In order to avoid any risk, we suggest that anyone who receives this type of message can take simple steps, such as:

  • Do not connect to the site indicated in the text of the e-mail message;
  • Do not compile and / or download enclosed documents in the e-mail message;
  • If you are connected by mistake, do not provide any kind of credentials and / or personal data, do not authenticate;
  • Report further suspicious e-mail messages to the mail at CERT@posteitaliane.it;
  • Wait for similar requests, which are not reliable.